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The ROE (reproductive options education) Consortium for Nursing is the only forum for nursing faculty interested in teaching about abortion.  Begun in 2002, ROE brings together nursing educators and leaders from across the U.S. to develop and promote curricula, raise awareness, and integrate discussion of unintended pregnancy into nursing forums and professional guidelines, while also cultivating new leaders in the nursing student community.

To ensure that all nurses are trained in unintended pregnancy prevention and care, ROE has:

  • Authored 25 published articles on nurses’ roles in abortion care
  • Conducted 34 presentations at professional conferences and meetings
  • Established professional interest and task groups within national professional nursing associations
  • Co-produced the nation’s first primer for nurses seeking to provide abortion care

ROE is now addressing one of the biggest single reasons that nurses are not prepared to offer abortion care: the lack of competency-based unintended pregnancy prevention and care (UPPC) curricula in nursing education programs. Working with leaders and experts in nursing, these competencies will ensure that each nursing program provides the knowledge, attitude, and skills needed by nurses to care for women.