Preparing nurses to support women facing unintended pregnancy

Young nurse carrying clipboard

Many nurses do not have access to education on unintended pregnancy and abortion care, especially nurses living in states where abortion is highly stigmatized. This severely reduces our health care system’s ability to respond to the needs thousands of pregnant women. It leads to staff shortages at family planning and abortion clinics and can prevent hospitals from being able to provide abortion care.

Provide, and the Provide-based ROE Consortium for Nursing, has been working on integrating unintended pregnancy care into nursing education and practice for 12 years. Our current focus is on a newly developed competency-based curriculum, rolling out next year, and on developing nursing leaders in Southern states.

By developing the expectation that all nurses must be competent in caring for unintended pregnancy, and by creating curriculum resources that build that competency, we are working towards a future where no nurse is unprepared to care for unintended pregnancy. Toward a future in which all nurses feel competent, supported and able. And towards a future where women are supported by the health care providers they trust, in whatever decisions they make.

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