Referrals Program Evaluation Instructions

Evaluating the Referrals Program helps us identify where we are making the most progress and spot the strategies that work best in the field. It provides a record that you and your teammates can draw on in the future, and it improves our ability to communicate our story and vision to supporters.

As a member of the Referrals Initiative field team, your current evaluation responsibilities include the following:

  1. Monthly: Enter new events, interactions, sites and contacts into the Provide Database by your state’s monthly data due date. Be sure to record any technical assistance under the correct category: “Person received TA.” Technical assistance includes any strategizing, resource-sharing, or other support you provide beyond the basics of scheduling a training at the site.
  2. At each training: Make sure each training participant signs in on a Sign-in Form and completes both a Referrals Participant Pre-Survey and a Referrals Participant Post-Survey.
  3. Within 1 week after training: Mail the surveys with a copy of the Sign-in Form to the evaluator. Keep the original sign-in forms in a secure location for your own team’s records. File a completed Training Report in Provide’s shared files no more than one week after the training was conducted, and notify the evaluation assistant by email that it is available.
  4. No more than 3 months after training, and annually thereafter: Ensure a Technical Assistance follow-up meeting (with a Referral Practices Assessment) is conducted with each site soon after its first training, and once yearly after that (to see if site change continues and is sustained).
  5. Annually: In the 4th Quarter of every year you will be asked to provide additional information in the database about contacts’ support level and other items needed for the upcoming evaluation. The deadline for this additional annual data is usually around December 20th, before the holidays.

To ensure maximum quality and completeness of the training participant surveys, please keep in mind the following:

  • Build into your training schedule time for evaluation: at least 5 minutes for the Training Participant Pre-Survey and 10 minutes for the Training Participant Post-Survey. Let participants know we appreciate that they are taking the time to respond to the questions thoughtfully and candidly, and that this feedback is important for our funding and program improvement.
  • Remind the participants that the surveys are completely anonymous (their name is not on them and the surveys cannot be traced back to the respondents). We ask that they create a temporary code at the top (point out where it is) so that we can link the pre- and post-surveys for a given session.
  • When introducing the Referrals Participant Post-Survey, point out the separate page (Interview Consent form) that asks people if they are willing to participate in a 20-minute interview. They will receive a $25 Target gift certificate by email to thank them for their time.
  • When you collect the Referrals Participant Post-Survey and Interview Consent forms, make sure they go into separate piles so that participants can see the Interview Consent with their contact info is not associated with their anonymous survey.