Health and social service providers – nurses, physicians, counselors, social workers, and case managers – serve as a critical link to getting women quality, compassionate care for a range of health care needs, including reproductive health care. We know that professional training, accurate information, and resources on abortion care as part of full-options pregnancy counseling for your pregnant clients are often unavailable or hard to find. Pregnant people have unique needs and are a priority population for many of the sites we train. Provide can equip your team with the tools necessary to navigate the sometimes difficult discussions that can arise around pregnancy, resulting in better coordinated, more patient-centered care. Our program is designed to support efficiency and cost-effective supports for the patients and clients of busy health and social service sites.

Provide’s trainings consistently have a 90% or higher participant satisfaction rate among participants ranging from nurses, physicians, social workers, case managers, front line staff, and administrators.

“Many years ago, I worked in a substance abuse treatment center for women, I met many women there who could have benefitted from this information, but I just didn’t know. When I went into the training, I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know if they were going to say abortion is the best option, or abortion is bad or good, it wasn’t like that. They laid out the facts and gave information on how to appropriately talk to people.”
-Case Manager, HIV Residency, Kentucky

Referral trainings take a non-biased client-centered care approach. They are an opportunity to strengthen your professional skills, come together as a team, and interact with other health and social service providers.

Provide’s trainers have trained and worked in Domestic Violence, Primary Care, Public Health, Family Planning, HIV, tribal, and substance abuse systems. Understanding the priorities and demands on your setting is our first priority, our trainers offer tools, resources, and support while respecting your staff’s time and area expertise.

Our free trainings offer:

  • • CEUs
  • • Certificate of participation
  • • A model for effective referral-making that applies beyond abortion
  • • Take-away information that helps you in your work
  • • A training report for site administrators
  • • Follow-up technical assistance

Training Structures Available:

Our training model rests on the knowledge that is takes a team of dedicated, informed professional staff to care for clients and patients. Our approach is efficient and flexible, with options such as:

  • • Three to six 50-minute sessions
  • • Two to four 2-hour sessions
  • • One or two half-day sessions

In addition to our 90% participant satisfaction rate, we consistently see a dramatic increase in participants’ confidence in their skills and ability to refer a patient for abortion care.

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