Melanie Zurek selected as CoreAlign race fellow

Melanie Zurek CoreAlign

Melanie Zurek selected as CoreAlign race fellow

Posted by Jenny O'Donnell in What Is Going On 23 Jan 2015

We are very excited to announce that Provide‘s Executive Director, Melanie Zurek, has been chosen as one of CoreAlign’s inaugural Speaking Race to Power Fellows! CoreAlign is a “think and do tank” that seeks to create a network of leaders for social change, particularly concerning reproductive health. Melanie will be in impressive company; participants include policymakers, doulas, organizers, and theologians from around the country!

This fellowship provides an opportunity for participants to address race and power bottlenecks in their work or activism. From Melanie: “I hope to learn about the qualities and practices of leadership, focusing on my own, needed to move an historically and predominantly white organization to be able to directly and effectively address issues of race and power within our organization and in its intersections with our field-based work.” We are so proud of Melanie and are eager to learn and grow as a result of her participation!

To read more about the Speaking Race to Power Fellowship and other race fellows, visit: CoreAlign: Speaking Race to Power Fellowship.